Lake Como (Lago di Como) is a glacial lake situated in the Lombardy Region of Northern Italy. Situated about 25 miles north of Milan on the border with Switzerland. Our Lake Como villa rental is above the town of Menaggio which is on the west side of the lake.
The lake has an area of approx. 146 km2 making it the third largest lake in Italy after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. At 410 metres deep it is also one of the deepest lakes in Europe.
The lake has an upside down 'Y' shape. The northern branch begins at the town of Colico fed by the River Adda, with the towns of Como at the end of the south-western branch and flowing out at the town of Lecco at the end of the south-eastern branch. Because of the geology of the area, the south-western branch at Como becomes an effective dead-end so the town often floods, unlike the town of Lecco.
This lake is a vast body of deep-blue water lined with colourful flowers and surrounded by a ring of high, rugged, tree-clad mountain peaks, some of which are snow-capped all year round. The mountains drop into the crystal clear waters of the lake and provide spectacular scenery. The shoreline of the lake is dotted with numerous picturesque towns and villages with clusters of pastel coloured pink and terracotta red homes with magnificent gardens. Along the shoreline are many top-rated tourist resorts and elegant country houses. This area is considered by many to be northern Italy at its most beautiful.
The climate in this area is generally mild all year round. The lakeside vegetation varies, and includes cypress and laurel trees, camellias, azaleas lemon trees, and date palms.

Map of the area around Lake Como

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